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        How it Works

        Step One
        Take the quiz

        We learn your fit and tastes to pick the right clothes for you.

        Step Two
        Try on clothes

        Preview your stylist's picks before they ship. You have 7 days to try everything on.

        Step Three
        Keep what you like

        Pay for the clothes you keep, send back the rest.

        The Best Value Anywhere

        Pay for what you keep.
        Save more when you keep more.

        A dedicated personal stylist
        Polished looks for the modern workplace
        Approve your order before it ships
        Free shipping and returns
        Credit the $20 styling fee toward anything you keep
        Save up to 20% off as you keep more items

        The Most Customized

        Get shipments of any size whenever you want. Approve every order before it ships.

        How much is it?

        The more you keep, the more you get.
        Gosh, that's almost too obvious.

        Keep 4+ items, get 20% off
        Keep 3 items, get 15% off
        Keep 2 items, get 10% off

        Change the number of items kept in a typical order to see how the discount works
        Select how many to keep
        Order Subtotal: Kept
        ($85 avg/item)
        Styling Fee Credit
        Shipping & Returns

        What's inside?

        We work with a tightly curated selection of the best menswear brands. Take a peek at new arrivals on our Instagram.

        Bombfell in the Press